Sunday, November 26, 2006

Neil Gaiman @ San Jose

Neil Gaiman doing a reading at San Jose, about a week and a half ago. The way I drew him, he kinda looks more like Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop -- but that's what his hair was doing. All over the place.

The writing at the bottom is part of something he said regarding Good Omens: "When we wrote it, we were just two guys no one had ever heard of. We had no idea it would go on to sell millions of copies. Or that it would be translated into fourteen other languages. Or that young ladies all over the world would be writing pornography involving the main characters."


Jackson Dryden said...

Nice sketch Zach. This reminds me of the sketch that Clapp did back a couple years back when neil came to talk. Love the originality in much of your work.

Zachary Knoles said...

That's right -- a sketch which, incidentally, can be seen on his website.

Glad to see you've joined the sketchblogging world! I'll keep an eye on yours!

Lauren R said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of ole Lyonel, Zach! Surprisingly it looked more like cartoons of the 60s than the 1900s...makes one kinda wonder :-). I liked his use of yellow...just the kind of funky I was lookin' for. Thanks again :-). Love the sketches of Gaiman...I'm a fan of Bebop, so I don't mind the hair :-) --L

Unknown said...

awesome sketch!! Great line!