Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cogswell Session, 4/16

I don't often make it to these sessions on time (I get off work at exactly the same time the session begins), so I usually miss the warm-up set. At Cogswell, this set is a furious sprint of 10-second poses, followed by slightly longer 20-second poses, and finally a series of luxuriously long (or so they seem) 1-minute poses.

Anyway, this week I made it on time, and I thought the resulting pages made for a pretty interesting visual progression:

Below are also the best of the rest of the session's drawings, featuring about an equal dose of brush and watercolor, as I fitfully attempt to capture this model's unusually stunning poses.


Scott Watanabe said...

nice loose sketches. Sounds like a great session. I'd be down to go some time if you could give me the details.

Jackson Dryden said...

Nice work Zach. I really like the page of the three standing poses. Love the simplicity.